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What to Expect.

What can you expect from entering the German eCommerce market?

With a population of over 82 million people, Germany is Europe's largest eCommerce market.


Size of the German eCommerce market

The sheer volume of German eCommerce exceeds the GDP of entire countries. The total GDP of EU Member State Slovenia, for example, is only 58 billion € (2018) (source: IMF)


Bought online in the past 12 months.

More than 75% of all Germans buy online on a regular basis. By comparison, only 43% of all Chinese consumers bought online in the past year. (source: Euromonitor / Statista)

A highly lucrative endeavour. If well-planned, then engaging the German market should provide for a substantial ROI. We ensure your market entry into Germany is a full-fledged success.

How It Works.

Working with us is as easy as one, two, three.

One: Your business offers a unique product or service. You seek to enter the German market.

Goethe would have been an advocate of Sustainable Optimization. (Goethe in the Roman Campagna by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. 1787)

Two: We develop a digital market entry strategy for you. You enter the German market.

Three: Sales from Germany come in. Your business roars like a Mercedes Benz V8 engine.

German Market Entry.

Our FAQ for a successful market entry (tab/click to expand).

In one word: It depends.

The German market is highly saturated. In order for a new product to stand out, a strong USP is needed. Your reception by the German market therefore strongly depends on how much surplus value (read: novelty factor, level of innovaton etc)  your product or service offers.

Surplus value in Germany is heavily flanked by nation-based pigeon holing. While high-tech and internet-related products are generally well-received, it would be harder to market them, if they hailed from a country that is not extensively linked to that area. France may serve as an example here. 

Vice versa, it would be just as hard to market something outside of classic French expertise  (fashion, culture, cuisine etc) when the product would hail from an “untypical” area for that expertise such as, say, Scandinavia.

One can definitely refer to such a mindset as “conservative” or even judgmental. This, however, does not change the fact that it is a serious factor in seeing good results for Germany. The overall German market is highly conservative and accepts novelty with hesitation, if at all.

The obvious upside is that if the right tone is hit, a strong market entry can be achieved rather easily. This is where we, the team of SustSeo, come into play.

In one word: Yes. 

For one, if you are handling personal data you are required to have a representative within the European Union under the GDPR (Art 27). After Brexit it will no longer suffice to have such representative in the UK.

Maintaining a Germany-based legal entity also is a heavy trust signal for any company dealing in B2C. Germans are very wary consumers with whom uncertainty-avoidance is a heavy factor in the making of buying decisions. Having a truly German branch of your business will notably increase your redibility with consumers.

On average: 5-7 days.

Registering a GmbH, a Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, the German equivalent to an Anglosaxon LLC, is done through a notary public and is a relatively fast-paced process. A GmbH will require a minimum share capital of 25,000€, but only half of the amount has to be deposited upon registration.

Costs involved are a higher-end three-digit or low-end four digit amount, i.e. ranging mostly from 800 to 1100€.

In one word: No.

Unlike most other European markets (France, England, Poland, Spain), the German market is highly decentralized. Added to that that you are offering a mostly digital product there is no direct need to be present in any particular part of Germany.

Cities with the highest affinity to the digital economy in Germany are Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and, of course, Berlin which has one of Europe’s most prolific start-up scenes.

In one word: 6-12 months.

SEO is the freight train of marketing: it takes forever to gain speed, but once speed is therer it practically is unstoppable.

A well-planned SEO campaign will show first results after about 6-8 months. It will be more, if the campaign is based on a brandnew web presence (TLD). The incubation period of Sustainable SEO can be bridged with SEA campaigns, be that to raise brand awareness or to bring in leads and sales.

In one word: Run a PPC campaign.

What do you do in that 6-12 months time period before there are any noteworthy organic rankings?

Answer: You support your regular SEO efforts with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This means click- or conversion-based campaigns with Google Ads, Facebook or other advertising networks (Rakuten etc).

Unlike organic SEO, PPC campaigns have a very short lead time. With little preparation they are able to show almost immediate results. Even though they induce further costs, PPC campaigns can be highly effective and bring in business right away.

Once your organic rankings are starting to flourish, you can gradually tone down the PPC spent until the revenue coming from organic SEO is substantial enough to let go off PPC entirely, should you so wish.

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Who We Are.

Get to know SustSeo’s core team. 

We know the German market in and out. For Germany we are able to cover everything from SEO over compliance to classic PR.

Maurice Proehl | Head of Marketing | Alumni of Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main

Working in the German language requires utmost accuracy. We are bilingual and can easily guarantee your message is understood by your target audience.

Faith Hundtoft | Linguist at SustSeo | Alumni of CSULB and Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

What We Bring to the Table.

We draw from multiple academic backgrounds and years of international experience.

The Language.

For modern Germans it is the language that acts as their pride. Thus, a poor handling of the language will have you pigeon-holed as a low-quality contender in no time. We are:

The Expertise.

In our work we draw from two decades of experience in SEO. We started out when AltaVista was king, and when “Social Media” meant looking at real pictures with friends. We provide:

The Work Ethic.

We play by the rules. And we take pride in it. Only stringent compliance will provide peace of mind to clients and, not least, to ourselves. Sustainable SEO for us means:

Strong Partners.

We are part of a multi-national network of trade associations.


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We have placed the trust of our 9,500 members in the SustSeo team. Their expertise in German SEO has helped our members grow their businesses extensively. I can recommend them without reservation.

Hank Van Zant | Head of Marketing | South African Council of Digital Industries

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