Digital Marketing in Germany

Our first publication gives splendid insight into entering, engaging and prevailing in the German digital market. The book covers everything from the German language over German business culture to the essentials in German SEO and setting up a German web presence. Its goal is to make readers culturally understand the German market.

For instance, did you know that Germans are highly active online buyers?
With a heavy internet penetration of 91% the vast majority of the population also buys online on a regular basis. In eCommerce acceptance Germany ranks #7 in the EU, right behind the United Kingdom with 78%.

1 %

— Eurostat 2018 | E-commerce statistics

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Enter German Business Culture

Nowhere else do cultural factors play more into business practices than in Germany. Just like Germany as a whole German business culture embraces precision and reliability. Perhaps it is in the field of business where these classic German virtues are hold more dearly the most.

When Germans do business they seek to ceate a long-lasting relationship based on trust. This is where their renowned seriousness comes from. The German mindset follows the universal rule that disregarding the trust-factor and going for low-cost solutions will have you pay twice. These are traits that have been cherished for centuries:

Business demands gravity and rigour,
life demands caprice

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Die Wahlverwandtschaften, 1809


Highly Convertible

German cars are in high demand throughout the world. But German consumers also have a noteworthy appetite. Did you know that German online shoppers have the highest average conversion rate in eCommerce on a global scale, hereby even outranking the United States?

Average Conversion Rate by Country


2.22 %

United States

1.96 %

United Kingdom

1.88 %

— Eurostat 2018 | E-commerce statistics

Thursday, December 20, 2018


Grounded in Science

The book is not a country guide with an economic connotation. Nor is it an economic guide written from a cultural background. It draws heavily from the idea of the embeddedness of economy in society as it was developed by Austro-Hungarian historian Karl Polanyi (1886-1964), economistPeter A. Hall (*1950) and fellow economist David Soskice (*1942).

“Strategy follows structure” is one of the most striking insights provided by Hall and Soskice.

It means that actors, both public and private, follow cultural patterns more than anything else. In order to understand a market one must fully comprehend the historical and cultural structure in which actors act. And this is precisely what the book is about: revealing the embeddedness of economy in society. With that key in your hands your endeavour in the German market meets the main prerequisite for success. Without it things are very likely to take a different turn. In a worst case scenario your German market entry may just end in tremendous loss. This, however, can be prevented.


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