Sustainable SEO
is a Marathon
— Not a sprint

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Constant pressure will turn a raw diamond into a precious gemstone. A process that stretches over months and years. It is the same with search engine optimization (SEO). Patience and year-long expertise will deliver excellent results. Haste and impatience will only produce costume jewelry.

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Growth in organic traffic requires a well-thought out strategy that aims at long-term gain. Early results may be humble. But continuous efforts are silently recognized by search engines. And after you have been going for a while there will be endorphines galore. SEO is a marathon—not a sprint.

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Quality SEO never is 'cheap'. Good SEO delivers a positive return of investment—the only thing that matters. SEO is a long-term commitment that takes time to gain speed. At the same time it becomes unstoppable once it gains momentum. Professionally executed SEO always is highly cost-effective.

Who We Are.

Sustainability: Building for eternity.

We are an multi-national team with over 15 years of combined experience in digital marketing. Our team brings together a wide array of different professional backgrounds.

Besides digital marketing specialists we also count linguists, translators and UX experts among our core team. Additionally, we happen to be fluent in German. By that we can not only provide SEO in English, but also genuine German SEO.

It is this unique blend of expertise that contributes so much to our holistic approach to optimization.

Sustainable Seo is — Innovation

Digital and traditional marketing are converging. In terms of creating growth this allows us to apply the best of both worlds. The results of that speak for themselves.

— Maurice Proehl, SEO Consultant at SustSeo

Sustainable Seo is — Craftsmanship

Every client is unique and requires an individual approach. We pay attention to all necessary details ourselves and do not outsource. Ever.

— Faith Hundtoft, Linguist at SustSeo

What We Do.

Working with you, not for you.

As a boutique marketing agency with a focus on the German market we work with a carefully chosen collection of clients. This allows us to cater to each client’s individual needs with the necessary care and diligence.

We get clients involved in every step of the optimization process. That way clients are always in the know about progress being made and transparency prevails.

Sustainable Seo is about forming long-term relationships not only with search engine, but also with clients. Therefore, we’d like to think that we work with clients, not just for them.

What Clients Say.

Delivering results since 2002.

With SustSeo I have seen results that were above of what I had expected. From the beginning on I was made aware of every step that was taken along the way of promoting the magazine on classical music that I had created. Within a reasonable amount of time I was able to grow a userbase that keeps on growing thanks to the magazine’s stable standing in the search results. Overall, the results exceeded my expectations.“

— Dr. Michael Cramer, Journalist

What We Offer.


By comparison, sustainable SEO is just as sustainable as fair-traded coffee hailing from sustainable agriculture.

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